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The hill on which our vineyard stands was once used by traditional owners as a hunting ground overlooking the Jordan River. Since the early nineteenth century the site has been used for farming activities including sheep grazing and orchards.
The vineyard was established on the lower eastern slopes in 2001 by well-known local John Skinner under the Third Child Vineyard label. The site has consistently produced fruit of a very high quality due to its unique combination of terroir and clonal diversity.


Situated at 42°41'0.37``S 147°19'45.61``E on the western edge of the Coal River Valley, our vineyard benefits from a cool yet dry climate, the ideal conditions for growing pinot noir. The north-east aspect provides protection from wind, and plenty of morning sun for the vines throughout the growing season. Mild afternoon temperatures and cool nights produce a long ripening period.

The site comprises both river flats featuring deep dark cracking clay soils, and steeper eroded slopes of shallow, lighter dermasol soil over jurassic dolerite rock. These ancient structures provide excellent nutrient balance and efficient water drainage for the vines.

Clonal diversity

With amazing clonal variety across pinot noir (9) and riesling (3) varieties, the two hectare vineyard produces fruit that exhibits a wonderful spectrum of flavours that contribute to the complexity in our finished wines.
A 1Ha Chardonnay block was added in late 2022 comprising 4 clones and we are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to create beautiful wines from the first harvest.
Further expansion of the vineyard is planned with additional clones and varieties to enable the development of new wine styles.


42°41'0.37``S 147°19'45.61``E, at 140m above sea level on a north-east facing hill


A cool, dry climate with 1155 degree days (Oct-April) and annual rainfall of just 450mm


A shallow 1 metre cover of rich dermasol soil over a base of jurassic dolerite rock

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